Trinity Lutheran Church

1108 East 8th Street

Duluth, Minnesota







Job Title:  Live-in Caretaker


Reports To:  Property Management



General Description: 

Provide for the regular care and maintenance of all buildings, sidewalks and grounds of Trinity Lutheran Church, Duluth, Minnesota.  Duties will include a full range of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and cleaning of multi-use, multi-level facility; daily closing of the Church building; setting up tables and chairs as requested; making minor repairs; seasonal grounds keeping including shoveling, snow blowing, raking, trimming, lawn mowing, picking up trash; other duties as required.


Regular care would include:




Education/Experience –   High School Diploma or equivalent


Licensure/Credentials –   Must obtain and maintain a Special Boilers Operating license within 6 months of hire date and maintain this license throughout employment.


Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Mental Requirements – Possess a working knowledge and experience in grounds keeping, janitorial, mechanical work.  Also would be helpful to be able to do some light electrical, plumbing, and handyman-type projects. Must have the knowledge and ability to safely operate and maintain the snow blower, shovels, lawn mover, rakes and trimmer.  Must be able to safely change light bulbs and fluorescent tubes as needed.  Maintain and operate all equipment in a safe and effective manner.




Physical Demands:          Must be able to walk and climb stairs without assistance; lift    

                                           50 pounds safely while maintaining proper lifting techniques.


Working Conditions:       Must be able to work inside and outside in all weather








To perform the unlocking of the Church for special events as requested and locking after the last event every evening.  To set up tables and chairs as needed and or directed.  Complete cleaning tasks.  Keep the sidewalks clear of snow and ice and salt/sand as needed.  Keep the lawn mowed, trimmed, raked and free of garbage and debris on an as needed or weekly basis.




1.     Unlock the church by the assigned time or for special church events as requested.




2.     Lock the church at the conclusion of the last event of the day – this includes locking and closing all doors and windows within the main church building.  Also ensure that all lights and appliances are turned off.






3.     During the cold months it is imperative to keep all entrances and exits as well as the sidewalks, steps and driveways clear of snow and ice at all times – and salt and/or sand as needed, particularly prior to a church function. 




4.     During the summer months, the lawns at the church and parsonage, as well as the grass around the church parking lots, must be mowed, trimmed and raked weekly or more frequently as needed.  Trim the bushes and shrubs as needed.




5.     The sidewalks must be swept, kept free of weeds; and the church and parsonage yards and driveways must be kept free of garbage and debris, including the Church parking lots.




6.     Clean and maintain tools and equipment immediately after use.  Service all equipment as per manufacturer manuals.




7.     Empty kitchen garbage as needed.




8.     Replace light bulbs and fluorescent light tubes as needed and dispose of any used items properly.




9.     Complete all janitorial duties as required or directed - including mopping and vacuuming floors as needed.




10. Keep all public areas free of debris or other hazards, and immediately report any situations that may be a safety concern.




11. Empty cigarette containers by church entrances as needed.




12. Monitor the TLC parking lots and place warning notes on vehicles parked there illegally - report back to the Property Management Board information on vehicles which have gone past the "towing" deadline.



Completes any like or lesser duties.




Responsible for personal conduct:


•         Current position is (average of 10-12 hrs per week minimum.)

•         Notifies supervisory group when off of the church grounds for an evening, is responsible for finding acceptable replacement for accomplishing duties.

•         Reports for work free of alcohol and/or illegal drugs. May not have alcohol or illegal drugs on Church Property.

•         Complies with work performance expectations and completes corrective action plans when necessary.

•         Cooperates with co-workers, congregation members, and others as appropriate and necessary to accomplish the work requirements, programs and goals of the work unit/church.




 $200 monthly wage plus apartment housing. 

 Utilities of heat, water and electricity are included in housing costs. 


Appendix A


Cleaning Responsibilities:


Sanctuary Area

Sunday school Building 1st floor

Sunday school building 2nd floor