A group of people met on November 27,1896 and organized a new Lutheran congregation. Trinity Lutheran Church was formed, and Pastor E.P. Harbo was called as Trinity's first pastor.

Trinity's first church building was located at 4th avenue east and 5th street. The building was eventually converted to a single family home and is still being used today. In 1916 the congregation bought a lot at 11th avenue east and 8th street where the church exists today.

The congregation grows! They are gathered before the basement level of the church at it's new location.

Building continued. This is a picture of the Sunday school children taken in the Sanctuary, 1946.

The church as it is today, continuing the fine work of those who have gone before. In 1 Peter 2:5 the Living Bible says: "And now you have become living building stones for God's use in building his house. What's more, you are his holy priests; so come to him and offer God those things that please him."