Great Ways to Help!

Worship /support

Sacred Space Preparation:

Volunteers needed to clean the space before and after the service time, register attendees, and help with other activities needed to follow safety procedures. 

Reader on zoom:

You are sent the scripture readings for the week and you read them live at 11am on Zoom.

Recorded Reader for Facebook:

You record yourself reading the scripture readings for the week, using your smart device. You then text or email Shivon or Facebook to share the reading and they are posted to the Trinity page for everyone to listen to.

Greeter on Facebook Live:

Many people say hello in the comments during the Facebook Live sessions. We would like to have a scheduled greeter each week to watch for these comments and respond welcoming them to the worship space. This would require you to be live on Facebook at 10 am to respond as people share. Greeters could also check back later in the day to follow up with comments posted after the Live time.

Tech Link Volunteer on Facebook Live:

Mallory Thorne has been doing a tremendous job of serving in this capacity. Mallory copies and pastes the liturgy and links from the bulletin into the comments area of Facebook Live throughout the "Worship at Home" time. We are in need of a few more volunteers willing to serve in this capacity when Mallory is unavailable.

Co-host/Greeter on Zoom:

These volunteers would be made co-hosts on our Zoom platform. On Sunday mornings they would watch for people entering worship, click to allow them to enter and greet them as they come in, welcoming them to worship either out loud or in the chat box. Greeters would watch the "doors" throughout the worship service, allowing those in as they arrive and muting them upon entry.

Power Point Worship:

It is nice to have a Power Point each week to guide us through the liturgy of the worship service. A power point can allow for larger font and include images that engage worship participants. Volunteers would take the bulleting and cut and paste the liturgy into a Power Point, creating slides for the different sections of worship. They can then insert color, format and images. You must have Power Point on your computer and be willing to attend Zoom Worship to run the power point the week you create it.

Lay Leader on Zoom:

In February we trained people from the ccommunity to serve as Lay Leaders, reading the liturgy and guiding participants through the worship service. We are now hoping to have Lay Leaders on Zoom.

Zoom Coffee Hour Host:

These volunteers would be made co-hosts on Zoom.  They would enter the Zoom Coffee Hour space immediately following worship and click to allow people into the space as they enter Zoom. Hosts would then greet participants and make sure everyone is engaged in conversation. They would stay in the space until the last participant leaves, closing the Zoom room at the end of the fellowship time.

Intergenerational Mail Buddies:

It is very exciting to receive mail. Getting a letter reminds us that we are not alone and gives us a boost to brighten our day. We are an intergenerational community. At this time we are unable to gather with those in different age groups. Let's continue to build our intergenerational relationships. If you would be willing to send mail to a younger or older member of the congregation, please email Shivon. She will connect you with an intergenerational buddy that you can send mail to, encouraging them and brightening their day. This is a great way to concretely impact someone's day.